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Chris makes such an impact in peoples lives.  I can say that from experience because Chris has made a drastic difference in mine!  She adds positivity to everything she touches and it makes such a difference.  She helped me want to be here and work towards a life I love.

- Bronwyn

If Chris had not kicked me in the butt to start my business ten years ago and then rode with me on that journey, I would not be doing what I am today… and loving it. She knew how to get stuff done to move me in the right direction. She was my biggest cheerleader, not only cheering with me but she dug into the day to day with me, working through every challenge until we could come up with a solution. She was a hands on in the truest sense of the word, “business partner” who brought not only her knowledge of technology and experience running her own small businesses but her excitement for the task at hand. No problem was too big to figure out and she did it with a positive attitude that made you believe that we could get through whatever it was that was challenging us. But most of all… she believed in me and my business plan which enabled me to believe in myself. I would not be celebrating my tenth year in business this Fall, if it had not been for Chris holding my hand and leading me through the process!

- Meg

When I first joined KW in 2014, I sought out Chris Stoner to be my mentor. She helped me reach my three year goal in eighteen months and then pushed me to hit my five year goal in less than three years.  She’s not only smart, caring, kind, and fun, she's an incredible realtor as well!

- Janel

Chris Stoner spent time coaching me during a challenging time in my life. I was a newly single Mom finding my way, working on a new career, and trying to find myself. During our time together Chris helped me pull things out of myself I never knew were hiding in there. With Chris’s help, I picked myself up, became a stronger, clear-headed woman on a mission.  

- Heather

Past Client Thoughts & Feedback

Chris Stoner entered my life when I was becoming an empty nester and downsizing my childhood home, where I had lived as a single parent with my two children and father for the 27 years. The task was overwhelming to sort, prioritize, and place value on 92 years of my father’s possessions and 60 years of mine, all with a 3 month turnaround. Chris's “no judgement” style helped me ace the state of my affairs and my obvious inability to cope with the project ahead of me. Chris is great at setting and managing timelines, navigating difficult emotions, and never missing an opportunity to encourage with a “job well done” and “we can do this".

Chris was sensitive, but joyfully frank. She asked us all to look forward with an expectation of good outcomes and the mentality that problems and disappointments were an opportunity to employ calm rather than fear.

Chris’s caring patience was able to guide my entire family to a more fulfilling future not burdened with excess. She continues to provide guidance as I tackle my new position in life that is now centered on caring for myself and redefining my life goals.

Chris is an excellent choice when you are in search of lifting yourself out of the weeds and figuring out how to achieve a fulfilling life purpose.

- Kimberly

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