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A saying that has spoken to me since I found myself literally speechless at a family party due to an undiagnosed brain tumor years ago. 

Eternally grateful after surgery, I consider my tumor a gift, providing clarity about living the exclamation points!  It reminded me that when I could have been living my best life, I was always waiting for the next thing/project/job/activity that would make me happy. I realized that my moment was now and I needed to Exclaim My Life!, whatever that was, every day.  Life is a continued journey and I have been lucky enough to find the tools to successfully navigate many life changes including divorce, caring for my elderly parents, raising and launching two beautiful twenty-somethings and much more.  

Professionally my goals to exclaim my life has taken me to many different places giving me significant life experience and perspective.  I have had a corporate job running the marketing and retirement plans department of a small stock brokerage firm; I have organized and provided in-person and video training at meetings in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide; I have done a variety of consulting projects and I even owned a clothing store! While raising my family I helped multiple friends get businesses off the ground, ran a small boutique real estate firm and for the last 8 years, I have run my own individual real estate business. The common thread in each stage of my career has been the satisfaction that I gain through real and true connections with others. I have been incredibly lucky to cross paths with people in all phases and walks of life and I have stepped into the role of life coach time and time again.

I am excited to focus primarily on helping people attain peace and happiness in their lives as they fulfill their goals and dreams.  I am certified as a Master Life Coach with specific training in Happiness, Transformation, Accountability, Clarity, and Goal Setting Coaching.  


If it's time for you to consider new directions and you are looking for perspective, solid tools, accountability, and a cheerleader, check out the Services page, and let's connect!

Here's why I might be the right coach for you


I use an array of coaching skills from my extensive background working with people in all walks of life, often when they are struggling and bring significant personal experience to provide coaching services that give you the tools for short and long term success

We work as a team using proven methods to understand not only what you are looking to achieve but the "why" behind it to determine the best direction and next steps to take in your journey

I am a certified Master Coach with specialized training in clarity, happiness, goal setting, transformation and accountability coaching.  I also have a strong focus in helping with elder care and I am a certified  death doula (yes this is a real thing)

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